Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Had a great time on my knitting weekend!! Went for a great 5 mile run on the nicest golf course (Peek'n Peak) that was quite hilly, but fantastic with awesome views. Knitted at the pool and ate some fabulous food. Even got a tan, Yay!

Love this view!!

On the knitting front, made great progress on the wedding shawl and the asymmetrical (muti-shape) top is almost completed. If I didn't continue to screw it up it would have been done by now, but it's a learning experience.

Wedding shawl at the pool

The Girls!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So this morning my friend email me that her time for Cleveland has been changed, quickly I looked up my results and mine was changed too. Damn it!!! No PR 1:56:41. I had 1:56:43 on my watch but figured I didn't stop it as soon as I crossed the finish. I'm disappointed but it is only 1 minute right? One minute = no PR ;(

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cleveland Half - Race Report

Well Cleveland went retro this year!! Very cool, all the marketing had retro/vintage logos and the medal instead of being the typical blue and red had orange, bright green and yellow in it. It's adding a lot of pizazz to my medal wall for sure. Super Cool not to mention the famous spinning guitar! I can't believe i've done this race 4 times now!
That being said I thought it was awesome especially since i PR'd (yep 1:55) absolutely thrilled!!! (and on 4 hours of sleep cause i can't put that stupid asymmetrical cardigan down and was knitting till midnight and had to watch some SNL with Will Ferrell before i finally fell asleep at 12:30). That breaks down to an average pace of 8:50, with mile 10 and 13 at 8:35 which makes me super happy. Now if i could just do that for a full marathon!
As for the race itself, the weather was absolutely perfect 50s with clear skies, sun and some wind. Started downtown ran toward rock and roll hall of fame and then around the browns stadium then headed over the bridge toward west side of downtown and into lakewood then back to downtown on the highway by the lake. There were parts of the race (at least the half) that didn't even feel like you were in Cleveland but some much cooler place by the water :0). Reversing the route did make it a little more hilly instead of pretty much flat but i didn't mind. Good Race Cleveland, be back next year!

It was so nice that I hung around after to see all my friends finish! My throat is killing me today from cheering everyone on. It was really exciting watching the marathon finish, I was in awe of some of the finishers, amazing!

with Jolene at the start

with Karrie after half

Jolene and Karrie at the finish

Elaine (red shorts, black shirt) sprinting to the finish!

with Krissy after the full marathon

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cleveland Half

Sunday is the Cleveland Marathon, woo hoo!! I will be running the Half and I'm really excited for the new course. For the most part they just reversed the course but I think it's going to make a big difference and again will be nice and flat. I'm also excited for my two friends that are running the Full, they've trained a lot and I'm looking forward to see how they do. Good Luck Girls!!

Also, I will be changing the medal picture above on Monday. Three medals will be added. So the questions is should i continue to add medals (currently they are organized from first race to the latest race)? Should I take the 5K, 10K, 15K, 10 miler medals down and only have half marathons and full marathons on the rack?? Should I organize them by color or distance?? or keep ones that I've done more then once together?? So many possibilities, so little time!
The curtain rod that I'm using still can expand so i could keep it the way it is for a lot longer but is it too much??

Anyway, wish me luck on Sunday (last half marathon until September)! and Akron Marathon training starts on the 25th.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Asymmetrical Cardi

Picked up the new Vogue Knitting on Friday and am totally in love with this cardi!! I know what you're thinking, but YES would totally wear a shirt with it. Anyway already started it and so far have one sleeve and one circular part for one side. Really hope i can pull this one off cause it's so dang different and asymmetrical. Mine will be teal, pictures to come.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to Knitting

Here it is the baby sweater I've been working on it's from a Debbie Bliss book "Special Knits". It's an Ohio University sweater as both of the parents of the baby that this is going to went there. Overall, pretty quick knit except for the sewing part which took a little longer. But I'm happy with the end result. This is the best model I could find to show the finished item.

Also, made this quick hat for a good friend. Hope she likes it!The wedding shawl that I've been working on for the past month has been ripped out. Yep the entire thing, almost cried while doing it but I wasn't happy with it. Now I have to start over. Yuck!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Indy Mini Marathon Race Report

What a great day for a race! 46 degrees at the start, perfect running weather.
The Indy Mini Marathon has just become my favorite half (out of 18) of all time right behind Kentucky Derby Half. Also my time was my 2nd best 1:58:09 (9:02 pace).
It was just the perfect race from start to finish, I loved it!

First and foremost the Marriott (thank you Amy!) that we (my friend Kristi and I) were staying at was in the perfect location. It was between the expo and starting line, literately between the two. Once we parked at the hotel we never had to drive again until it was time to go home after the race.

View from the hotel window.

So at 7:30 the race started with 35,000 participants. We were in corral G and it still took 13 minutes to actually reach the start (the corrals went all the way up to Z). Then we were off!! For the first 3 miles or so i was totally preoccupied looking up at the balloon race (what a great idea), made the time go by pretty fast and it was just neat. I was feeling good trying to maintain my pace and not worrying too much about the fact that i was running in a brand new pair of shoes that i purchased at the expo the previous day, i like living on the edge. Oh did I mention that i loved this race??
By another few miles i was ready for the track, and there it was. I never felt such a rush as when i got to run down the shoot the cars come out of onto the race track, it was a fantastic feeling. Not to mention running on the track itself ,which was 2.5 miles long, was invigorating (the nice smooth asphalt made the miles fly by fast). After the track, it was back on the road to downtown Indianapolis. I absolutely loved this race, and felt good and healthy to the finish. It's weird running this big of a race there is never a moment when you're not surrounded by other runners for the entire 13.1 miles, pretty cool! I ended up with my 2nd best finish of all time, with a per mile breakdown of - 9:20, 8:42, 8:53, 8:44, 9:06, 9:01, 9:08, 8:52, 9:14, 9:13, 8:52, 9:09, 9:01, my slowest mile was the first one. The race was so consistent for me, I'm amazed! This never happens, usually the first few miles are so much faster then the last 3.

My friend, who just had baby Grace less than 2 months ago, did fantastic also and finished in 2:16. Which by the way was faster than my first half marathon and i think even faster than her first half. We will be running the Akron Marathon together again this year, she's going to kick my butt.

Do I dare say that I want to do this race again?? I think I do.