Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Recap

Well now that everything has come down and we are married i'd like to go back and reminisce about the wedding. Where to start?

It was a perfect day in Akron Ohio on September 18th, 2009 for an outdoor wedding with an outdoor reception. The favors for the women were pashminas (in either black, ivory or yellow), small Purell bottles with our names on them, and we also made a donation in the names of Vince's Step-Father and my Grandmother (who both passed away from cancer).

Our theme throughout the wedding was polka dots and yellow gerber daisies, and i have a knack for going all out with a theme. So basically i ran it into the ground, but that's how i like it. The centerpieces each only cost me about $10 - the base was a polka vinyl record with two vintage cameras (from my collection and my friend Pam's) on each, 3 votives, a vase with 3 gerbers and an elephant card holder (for good luck) for the table number (simple but elegant). I know it sounds crazy but trust me it worked. All the printed materials from invitations to menu cards, table numbers, seating chart and purell bottle labels had pictures of yellow gerbers that i photographed earlier this year. I designed all the printed materials myself using indesign, illustrator and photoshop and i was pretty happy with the results. I also designed the wedding cake, which was the best ever. Our local store "West Point Market" sells this cake that they call "Diva Cake", basically it's chocolate cake drenched with liqour with chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse filling, it's to die for. It was a huge hit!

Additionally somehow i thought that i was going to be able to do everything by myself but as the days neared i realized that there was no way that would be possible. My dear friend Pam and her daughter Arica offered to help me and i'm sure that the day wouldn't have been as much of a sucsess if it wasn't for them. What angels! Pam even came out during her lunch hour on the day of the wedding to tie ribbons around the chairs for the ceremony then came back an hour later to set up all the centerpieces and was back at 6 changed and ready for the wedding and reception. I'm so lucky to have a friend like that!!

We had 68 guests, 100% attendance. With my aunt coming all the way from Poland, my parents and friends from Florida, my fantastic photographer/friend with her family from Atlanta and Vince's family from California, and Arizona (we're a popular bunch). I guess a lot of people were waiting a long time for this event. Vince and i have been together for almost 10 years.

As far as i see it the evening was a total success, but i must say that it was pretty much a blurr (an out of body experience for me), but i loved every minute of it.

We had fantastic speeches too. Delivered by Vince's brother Nick, my friend Fiovi, and Vince's friend Guy. WOW - i don't even have words for how great they were. I think they were competing for the best speech and in the end i think it was a 3 way tie.

And if you have 15 minutes to waste here's the video of the ceremony, notice i'm nervous and cracking up and Vince is all business.

It was just perfect!! will have more pics soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The wedding was last weekend and here are the pictures that my very good friend from high school took. Nong is fantastic and extremely talented i'm so honored that she agreed to photograph the wedding. I'm a very lucky girl with amazing friends! She lives in Atlanta so if anyone needs a photographer give her a ring, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Air Show 09

So I haven't been blogging lately, simply too much has been going on to go back and write about. But in a nut shell: the wedding is days away, i had a shower and a bachelorette party, i have a stress fracture in my foot and it doesn't look like I'll be running the Akron Marathon (at best I'll be walking the half), I'm also starting a photography business and photographed my first wedding in August and lastly i have not had my knitting needles in my hands in months. ;o)

Moving on . . . On Sunday we went to the Air Show in Cleveland as we did last year but this time the pictures came out soooo much better due to my super sweet new camera. Unfortunately I don't have a zoom lens so all were taken with a 50 mm lens and cropped a lot ;).
The Thunderbirds were great but i missed the Blue Angels. I hear they'll be back next year thought, yay!

I love my reflection in those big a$$ aviator sun glasses.