Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday = Italian Festival in Canton. This year they had Zoppe Italian Circus there, which has been around since 1842. It's 6 generations of Zoppe family performers with Nino the Clown as the main attraction. It was amazing, I loved it! In August they are coming back to a Medieval Fair, I hope I get to go back and see them.

Saturday = Ran 16 miles, went shopping, knitted, got drinks & dessert at Bricco (Yummy!) with "North Hill's hottest married couple" Guy & Jolene.
Sunday = Tag sales (got 2 awesome vintage coats, one for $1.50 and the other for $5). I'll have to post some pictures of the coats soon, they are too cute. Biked 22 miles. While biking we saw a deer, a snapping turtle, horses, bunnies and a rainbow, how cool is that? Oh and i ended up with a ginormous bruise cause i don't have any stopping capabilities.

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Curator said...

More tag sales. Find me something cool. Did I tell you that I found 2 Matt and Nat (vegan handbags) at the thrift shop for less than $4!!