Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Xmas Baby!

This is my cousin's baby girl Nikola in her new X-mas outfit that Aunt Margaret got her. The shoes are the best but not really visible in this shot. I just love this picture!

I have a story to go with this baby, my cousin actually has another child a 6 year old boy. When my cousin had him my grandmother wrote some boy and girl names on a piece of paper. Since then my grandmother passed away and this past summer my cousin had her second child and named her Nikola. A few weeks ago my Aunt came across that piece of paper that was buried between some old cards and letters. Are you ready?? The name Nikola was circled in red. Weird huh, i guess my grandmother knew back then that my cousin would have a girl and that would be her name. Needless to say everyone was pretty freaked out by this discovery.

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