Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog Neglecting

So it's been crazy busy for me and I've had no time to update this blog, all i do anymore is edit pictures. But I absolutely love it!!

Last weekend, we had a craft show here in Akron (Crafty Mart), organized by the very talented Juniper. So much fun (i was the official photographer), a lot of my friends took part and showed off their amazing crafts. One friend, Jenn from Landen Road Design makes these awesome ceramic buttons/pendents etc. When i saw this (girl monster pendent) i just couldn't resist - It's adorable!

Today I'm off to the sunshine state for the St. Pete Women's Half Marathon on Sunday. Not ready for it at all, it's going to be really ugly. My longest run was last weekend (7 miles), and my IT band started to hurt. Oh well, it'll be fun no matter what, i'll be running with my friend BBF Khim, yay!!

Yesterday i found this really cool pattern for a cardi/shawl/shrug kind of thing and about 100 different ways to wear it. I have some yarn in my carry on and will attempt to give it a shot on the plane this afternoon. Wish me luck!

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