Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No running

So I'm bummed and i haven't been adding new posts! I went to the doctor and the pain I've been having in my leg is actually a stress fracture and not a strained calf muscle (my own diagnosis). No running for 4-6 weeks. I hate it!! I guess if i was going to get injured this is the best time, i don't have any races scheduled and it's winter. The thing that scares me is when I'm actually able to run again it's going to be like starting over from the beginning.

Anyway, in the mean time i have to focus on more knitting. So i finished the second glove and started another sweater.

As for the arm warmers I decided to use them as leg warmers:

I think they're cute but i look like any minute I'll might be river dancing or flash dancing. Leg warmers are back and we might as well embrace the idea plus they are so warm and cozy. I love the 80's!

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Krissy said...

I want a pair of leg-warmers! Those are way too cute!