Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Blanket!

My good friend is having a baby girl in March and since I found out that she was pregnant i was planning on making her a blanket. Of course I procrastinated and kept on thinking i had so much time until a shower invitation showed up in the mail. One week before the shower I started and had hopes of finishing it but it didn't quite happen. So it was pretty embarrassing when i showed up at the shower with a 3/4 finished blanket, only the G embroidered, still on the circular needles and had to take it back to finish. I finished couple days later and gave it to her. I think she liked. Thank you to Marie from my knitting group for suggesting the dog paw print, my friend and her husband own three large dogs (2 golden retrievers and a husky) so they are huge dog people and it's very appropriate. I can't wait to meet Grace!

Mamma to be with blankie in the baby's room. So cute!!

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Curator said...

Looks awesome! I want one too. =)