Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow go away!

We got more snow! No, no more snow, I can't take it! Pretty much the entire month of January (actually since November) we've had snow on the ground, it's ridiculous.
My running has been totally non existent other then last Friday when i got to run 2 "whole" miles cause the temperature got up to 40. The sidewalks were still snow covered and i had to drive to a friend's neighborhood to run on the streets since there's no traffic there. I have no idea how i will be ready for that dang half marathon in March. Yikes!!
So since i can't run i have to knit more, i completed two more hats (one for Vince, one for his Brother-in-Law), one is in progress, and will be starting this next. Wish me luck!

I took this picture last week. How cool that someone spent the time to build this snowman. The sign on it says to stop back, which i will have to do to see how much bigger it gets. It's already ginormous. BTW, the buttons are bricks!
My dog Baci loves the snow and can't wait to go outside to roll around in it (what i like to call making "snow angels"). He's so funny!
But my cat Coopie, wants nothing to do with it and does this:

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