Monday, January 12, 2009

Knitting Recap

Things, mainly hats, that i made in the past month:
First is this little Debbie Bliss beret which didn't turn out as loose and droopy as the pattern but i still like it and it's really warm.

On the flight back from Florida i was busy making this hat for Vince. This guy next to me kept on looking over at me like i was crazy but by the end of the flight he said that he was impressed with my knitting and surprised that people still do that. Anywho i think it turned out too cute and is perfect for shoveling snow. Apparently those are his colors.
For Christmas my aunt from poland sent me this lovely yarn and last week when i was home sick I decided to make the Falicity hat with it. I added a flower from this pattern to make it a little more fancy. Pretty happy with the result.

Lastly are my two new cases one for my ipod touch and the other for my camera.


Mary said...

Adorable hats! I love love love the flower.

The Boyce Family said...

Hi Margaret! Tomorrow morning, we are signing up for the 2010 Disney Marathon! Any training tips? Love the cute hats and cases--you're so talented!

Margie the Ladybug said...

Your hats are always awesome, but I really like that first one. Very pretty and it looks nice on ya!

I need to start making things for myself. I'm still using a scarf of my mom's from 1983. :)