Monday, March 30, 2009

Forecast Done

It's finished!! Yee Pee!! Actually I can't believe that i finished it. Overall I'm happy with the end result, especially since it was my first top down sweater. It could be a little bigger and a little longer but it's cool and i love the color. After all that work I'm not taking it off until it gets a lot warmer out.

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mlc said...

Very cool sweater. It's great to find another blogger in this part of Ohio that runs and knits. I just finished a pair of socks. Working on mittens, but it's spring for crying out loud. I've been contemplating trying to walk and knit at the same time. Good luck with the running. My kids ran track, and I try it off and on. Now I mostly jog slowly or do interval walk run--but I love doing that.