Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!
We colored Eggs and put Peeps in the microwave which is just hilarious.
The blue one on the end is my favorite.

Baci inspecting the finished product, he approved.

Also we spent some fun time at the park.

My two favorite guys!

Baci trying out some acrobatics!

and Vince's adorable nephews all dressed up for Easter!

As for knitting, since I finished the Forecast sweater, the next thing that I'm working on is a shawl (ravelry link) for my wedding in September. You will have to wait until September to see pictures if in fact it turns out. It's quite tedious work because the mohair yarn that I'm using is really thin and hard to work with so I'm taking a little break from it.

So in the mean time (this past weekend), I made this chocolate bunny for Vince's nephews(pictured above):
and some baby booties:
And lastly about running, my training has been going pretty good, I've ran between 8.5 to 10 the last 4 Saturdays and will be running a half marathon this Sunday. Actually in the next six weekends I'm running 3 half marathons (is that too much?, i don't think so). I'm really looking forward to it. Especially since one of them is in Indianapolis (and we get to run on the race track) and I've never been there before. The great thing about the run this Sunday is that it starts at 1 pm, I've never ran a half marathon that late in the day, will be interesting for sure. Wish me luck!


The B Family said...

Love the chocolate bunny!
And I have to know... what happens to peeps in the microwave?

MJ said...

thank you!
You have to try it, they get pretty big and for some reason it's really funny! just don't let them get too big, they'll make a mess in your microwave. plus they taste delicious, warm.