Monday, April 20, 2009

Run 4 Home Half Marathon

Yesterday was the Run 4 Home Half Marathon in New Philadelphia, OH. The race started at 1 pm and for me that was entirely too late. I was really hoping to do good at this race, I've trained a lot better than for Disney and my time was 1 minute 44 seconds slower than Disney (2:04:44). It's still a good time but I wanted better, so after the race i didn't even go to the award ceremony because there was no chance that I placed. Low and behold this morning when I checked the results I came in second in my age group. I'm so mad, I want my trophy!

As for the race itself. The course was pretty but there were a few big hills that really slowed me down. The entry was only $30 and for that I got a nice long sleeve dryfit shirt, a nice medal and a pretty nice after the race spread (subway sandwiches, pizza, brownies, cookies, chocolate milk etc). The race was well organized and finish was in a stadium which was nice. Oh, and Miss Ohio handed out the medals at the finish line.

I can come up with many excuses why I didn't do that great i.e. started off too fast, didn't eat enough before hand, and I'm pretty sure that my shoes are done but really it doesn't matter, second place in my age group does make everything better.
Next race is May 1st in Indianapolis, wish me luck!


Curator said...

Congrats! Hills make a difference.

carpeviam said...

New reader. Quite an impressive display of medals you have there. Nice work.