Monday, February 16, 2009

V-day Weekend

After way too many revisions the hat that matches those booties in the previous post got finished and mailed on Friday. Now i have to wait to see if the recipient of these gifts approves, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Sadly i didn't have a baby close by to model the finished product so this is the best i could do:

Now that the hat is finished I can go back to working on the forecast sweater. This is how much i have so far. It's going pretty slow but it will end up being a really thick warm sweater, i only hope that i can finish it before it gets warm out. The picture doesn't give the color justice though it's more of a deep sea shade.

Lastly, Valentine's Day was great! At 7:30 am I got an awesome 7 mile run in (thanks to Elaine and Krissy), it was the farthest I ran since October. I felt pretty good even though it was a rolling hill route. Later I made another attempt on making something from my favorite
website. And unfortunately it didn't turn out (not even worth being photographed), but we ate it anyway. Sometimes i want to give up and admit that I'm not a baker but NO i will keep trying. This is what i have in mind for this coming weekend (of course i pick the most complicated recipes i can find). Also, I got a nice card and gift card to Joann Fabric (so i can buy more yarn ;0). Saturday night ended at Outback for a nice steak dinner with a sweet potato and a Pineapple Chipotle Margarita (Yum-O).

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