Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Please vote for my dog Baci as pet of the month on this great website. He's way cuter then the picture that's on there. Additionally the products on this website are made in the USA so please support them, if you have pets.

Also, I'm totally obsessed with this website. It's a Polish website of mainly baked stuff (I love sweets), the pictures are phenomenal. So far i only made one thing, the lemon sweet bread, it was delicious and looks pretty close to the original. I can't wait to try more recipes.

And I ran 4 miles on Sunday since the temperature went up to almost 40 degrees and the sun was even out, it was wonderful. I felt really good too! Of course it was too much for me since I haven't been running so I've been pretty sore and my shins don't feel too good. It's ok, I have to get past this cause that Disney Half is fast approaching (March 8th).


Fiubzdziu said...

to wygląda przepysznie! Idę coś schrupać, bo mi narobiłaś apetytu!

MJ said...

zobacz na ten website
dopiero bendziesz glodna ;)

Mary said...

I voted for him! Our family had a black lab named Nugget when I was a child, he was the smartest dog ever.