Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back on track

Finally i feel like I'm back with my running. I did 7 last weekend, 6 last night, hopefully another 4-5 on Thursday and I have 8 planned for this weekend. Then next weekend i will do 10, and the half marathon is the following weekend (March 8th). I think I'm going to be ready! I didn't think it was possible but it's definitely happening and it's makes me so excited and happy. So I'm hoping that we don't get any more snow. I think I'm delusional since it's only February, but a girl can dream right?

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The Boyce Family said...

I can't imagine running in that cold weather! We've been postponing our running training until it stops dipping down to the 40s and 50s every few days. Don't want to get a sore throat. Ha! We did go out and buy some good-looking shoes, though, so at least our feet will be stylin' when we eventually get our hineys in gear. You are motivating me. I think we will start. ... next week!